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We love to spread the Word of God around the world.
We provide high-quality bible resources for FREE at
We setup a handy interface for serious bible students, preachers or scholars to access all our wonderful bible resources with minimum effort.
We do not sell any bible resources.
We do not accept any requests of advertisement from commercial parties so that we can provide a clean reading environment for our users.
We paid the price for making FREE for you.

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As a non-profit website, however, we do need to cover the cost of our site development and maintenance.
We accept donations to our PayPal account [link:], so that you can take part to bless the public and sow a seed in the kingdom of God.

Running our site WITHOUT internet connection

In return for donations, we can provide OPTIONAL technical support for donors to set up our resources locally.
That means you can run our site without internet connection.
It is OPTIONAL because you can always donate without requesting support for offline setup.
With a minimum amount of donation, you can submit a request, through email, for technical support, regarding offline setup of our resources.
We are happy to help accordingly, upon hearing from you.

To have an overiew of what resources you can run locally, on your Mac / Windows / Linux / iPhone / iPad / Android device(s), here is a brief introduction to our resources:

+++ Customised Content

You can also add your own resources on top of our resources.

Feel free to drop us an email if you are interested.
Thanks for taking part in bringing wonderful bible resources around the world.