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On mobile platforms,

we have a FREE version, i.e. Unique Bible App,
a PREMIUM versions, i.e. Unique Bible App Plus

Read our ILLUSTRATED USER MANUAL for available features.

"PLUS" version includes all the resources and features included in the FREE "Unique Bible App", with the following additions:

* "Big Screen Mode" offers an additional set of layouts designed for tablets and laptops. [screenshots HERE] Layouts of resources are optimised for large-sized screen when this mode is turned on. Though it is desirable to use this feature on large-sized screen, you can turn it on devices with any screen sizes. You can turn it on or off anytime you like. In addition to phones or tablets, users, who have Chromebooks with Android app support, can use it on laptops too.

* "Bible Audio" [overview I] [overview II] [Hebrew, Greek, English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)]

* "Harmonies & Parallels"

* "Full & Selective Morphology Search" in "Plus" version.
[You can use full morphology search in FREE version.]

* "Instant Interlinear"
[You can use full-screen interlinear view in the FREE version of "Unique Bible App"]

Remarks: You are not paying for resources. Resources in both "Unique Bible App" and "Unique Bible App Plus" are the same. The difference between the two versions is only about the availability of some advanced features. This "Plus" version is a premium version, so you may show us support and have amazing featured tools.

Unique Bible App Plus

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